Matt Rudy-Logue, P.E.


Matt 01 E.JPG

Matt joined the RESolutions team in 2009.He specializes in the design and analysis of residential structures, ranging from additions, renovations, row-houses, and single-family homes to large, multi-family apartment and condominium buildings. 

Matt began practicing structural engineering in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in 2004 after graduating from Penn State's Architectural Engineering program. He is skilled in forensic and investigative engineering, and has performed many structural consultations, investigations and condition assessments of various buildings.

Matt’s experience in residential design and residential investigations are complementary. Understanding how structures are typically designed help lead him to a faster and more comprehensive understanding of how and why a structure has changed or failed. Likewise, his experience seeing problems first hand during investigations is also invaluable when creating new designs because it is easier to anticipate and prevent problems from occurring from the start/beginning.